Newsletter No. 459

459 · 4.6.2015 1 459 4 · 6 · 2015 目录 Contents 上帝发怒时:地震的科学 When God’s Wrath Visits: The Science of Earthquakes 2 保健大使西安行 CUHK Health Ambassadors to Xi’an 4 五社会贤达获颁荣誉院士 Five Distinguished Persons Conferred Honorary Fellowships 5 . . . 校园消息 Campus News 6 Letters to a Young Executive 8 宣布事项 Announcements 9 到任同仁 Newly Onboard 9 口谈实录 Viva Voce 10 姜里文教授谈努力工作,尽情玩乐的人生态度。(页10) Prof. Jiang Liwen shares his ‘work-hard, play-hard’ attitude with Newsletter readers. (p. 10) 大展身手 Getting the Hang of the Game 黄庭芳教授揭示 不平静的地底力量 (页2) Prof. Wong Teng-fong sheds light on forces at work underground (p. 2) 西 方安魂弥撒曲里的 Dies irae (震怒之日)一段,又称末日经,鼓声雷动, 急号四起,嚎管哀弦,惊呼栗喊,总是让听徏神经帾紧得从音乐厅的座 椅上弹跳起来,除了联想起最后的审判,脑海亦不期然会浮现出各种自然灾害的 影像。从物理角度看来,导致山摇海翻的地震,成因是甚毈?我们请得地球系统 科学课程主任与大家重温一下。 2000年加入本校的姜里文教授,二度获颁裘槎优秀科研者奖。这次他不向我们 解释他的研究,而多谈了一些个人,相信会令读者耳目一新。 我们随H君与之神交几近一年的K,最近决定离开校园往外闯。吐露港外是 风平波静还是惊涛骇浪,无人能预知。年轻人既有探索未知的好奇,我们当然 寄予祝福。 D ies irae or Day of Judgment of the Requiem Mass features thunderclaps by the timpani, the urgent blast of trumpets, and much wailing of the winds and lamenting of the strings. The cries and pleading evoking apocalyptic scenarios can make the audience jump from their seats. From a geophysical perspective, what causes natural disasters such as earthquakes? The director of the Earth System Science Programme will explain. Prof. Jiang Liwen has won the Croucher Senior Research Fellowship Award twice within eight years. He talks to us about students, football and his hometown in Guangxi. K., who has kept up a year-long correspondence with H., has decided to call it quits. Are the waters calm or tumultuous outside the Tolo Harbour? We don’t know. But we do know that young people should have the curiosity to explore, and for this, we wish K. every success. Photo by Tommy Cho Photo by ISO staff