Newsletter No. 462

462 · 4.9.2015 1 462 4 · 09 · 2015 编见 农耕与畜牧是哺育法兰西的双乳 。─苏利公爵(1559 — 1641) 中大师生在校园追求心智上的耕耘与放牧,同时乐于跟上有益社会的新潮流。大学最 近响应一项全港运动,便利职场母乳育婴。本期特稿细数校内各处的配套设施与最新  指引。 《通讯》编辑不时焦虑会否遭「数码干扰」夺去饭碗,但苏钥机教授叫我们无需担忧。 在新旧媒体的较量中,后者似乎稍占上风。不是你想的那回事?请看「洞明集」。 误以为中文大学只适合中国学生或海外华侨的人,该见见来自南非的 J Barlow(右图), 误解自然冰消。 最后为你诚意推介两个新栏目:「说东道西」今期透析外国人名翻译的艺术;「财金浅 趣」未必能助你投资获利,但也不妨了解下投资组合里的红蓝紫绿。 Editorially Speaking Tilling and grazing are the two breasts by which France is fed. ─Maximilien de Béthune, Duc de Sully (1559—1641) What CUHK students and staff pursue on this campus are tilling and grazing of the intellectual kind. But they are also responsive to worthy societal initiatives. The University recently joined a territory-wide campaign to facilitate breastfeeding in the workplace. Our feature article introduces what new facilities and guidelines have been put in place in support of that cause. The editors of the Newsletter sometimes share the anxiety caused by the ‘Digital Disruption’. But Prof. Clement So says fear not. In the battle of the old and the new media, the former appears to be winning. Contrary to what you have been led to believe? Read our ‘In Plain View’. A few might have been led to believe that the Chinese University attracts only Chinese students or those from the Chinese diaspora. Meet J Barlow ( right ) from South Africa and get disabused of that notion. We are modestly proud of presenting two new columns. One should clear a few clouds surrounding the art of translating a foreign identity or transcribing some exotic sounds. The other would not help your stock performance but nonetheless make you more colour-sensitive to the chips in your portfolio. 目录 CONTENTS 2 特写 Feature 中大支持母乳育婴 CUHK Says ‘Yes’ to Breastfeeding 4 洞明集 In Plain View 5 . . . 校园消息 Campus News 6 财金浅趣 Financially Friendly 6 说东道西 7 宣布事项 Announcements 8 口谈实录 Viva Voce Photo by ISO staff Photo by ISO staff 日落纸媒?没那么快 (页4) Twilight of print media? Not so soon ( p. 4 ) J 的故事 (页8) The story of J ( p. 8 )