Newsletter No. 463

463 · 19.9.2015 1 463 19 · 09 · 2015 编见 饭堂和校巴站出现的长龙,与邵逸夫堂出现的开学典礼行列一样,都说明暑假结束,新学 年正式开始。 虽说暑假漫长,大学其实是全年无休。你看多少学生从外地实习服务回来,兴奋谈今夏 所见所感。各种迎新活动,都由校方与学生组织在暑假早作安排。和声书院的大型筹款 活动,在7、8月更是筹备得如火如荼。饭堂趁机维修洗灶,设计新餐单;老师也忙于规划 新课程,更新教学内容。在中大念书、做研究、教书、参与行政,一路走来升任副校长的 潘伟贤教授,对这种作息节奏应知之甚详。今期《通讯》有其专访。 学校领导层的聘任,是大众关注所在。教育学院关誉纲教授对中学校长的选聘向有研究, 本期「洞明集」请得她简述一下个中巧妙。 Editorially Speaking The lines inside cafeterias and at the bus-stops, like the procession at the Inauguration Ceremony, are signs that summer is over and a new academic year has begun. The summer holidays may seem long to some, but business went on as usual on campus. Students after service and internships abroad are back, excitedly relating their summer experiences. Orientation activities were being planned and prepared by the University and student organizations. The large fundraising event reached the height of its preparation in July and August at Lee Woo Sing College. Canteens made use of the break to fix and clean, and design new menus. Teachers, too, were busy developing new courses and renewing the curriculum. Prof. Poon Wai-yin, who has been student, researcher, teacher and administrator at CUHK should be familiar with the campus’s seasonal rhythms. She talks to the Newsletter in this issue. The hiring of educational leaders is the concern of all members in society. Prof. Paula Kwan of the Faculty of Education will discuss her research on the eligibility and hiring of secondary school principals in the column ‘ In Plain View ’ . 目录 CONTENTS 2 特写 Feature 秋之奏鸣曲 Autumn Sonata 4 洞明集 In Plain View 5 . . . 校园消息 Campus News 6 字里高科 Tech Talks 6 宝健保健 Wealth In Health 7 到任同仁 Newly Onboard 8 口谈实录 Viva Voce Photo by ISO staff 筹筹款 跳跳舞 Shall we dance? 从数学系学生到副校长 (页8) From math student to Pro-Vice-Chancellor ( p. 8 ) 一众社会名人为慈善在「九五之尊」筹款晚会粉墨登场:林海涵先生(左一)、李丽娟女士(左三)、简福饴夫人(左五)、黄宜弘博士(左八)、唐尤淑圻女士 (右八)、陈罗宝灵女士(右六)、曾玉芳女士(右四)及彭韵僖女士(右二)。(页2) A host of celebrities took to the stage at the fundraiser ‘An Evening with the Best of the Best’: Mr. Andrew H.H. Lam (1st left), Ms. Shelley Lee (3rd left), Mrs. Stella Kan (5th left), Dr. Philip Wong (8th left), Mrs. Susan Tang (8th right), Mrs. Pauline Chan (6th right), Ms. Elly Tsang (4th right) and Ms. Melissa Pang (2nd right). (p.2)