Newsletter No. 465

465 · 19.10.2015 1 465 19 · 10 · 2015 编见 近期一部热门电影《见习蒒限耆》,在不少同事间引起热烈讨论。电影带出两个正面信息: 一是就算已届垂暮之年,太阳底下新鲜事物还是多得很;二是新丁向老手请教的地方也 还很多。 电影桥段是退休行政人员遇上躁狂的网路新星,古老碰上时兴。传统与现代的磨合,对 中大来说并不陌生。离校园不算太远大埔某处,一座七十六米高的观音像,以恒古睿智宽 怀垂视今日众生。何培斌教授为我们讲解慈山寺如何在佛教艺术中注入现代感性。 社会人口迅速老化,耆英也当见习。今期还有老人科专家胡令芳教授(右图),为读者解开 一些老年人的误解,教你准备迎接老之将至,以及谈谈她的团队令香港变得更适合长者 生活的努力。 《见习蒒限耆》开头,神情寡落的男主角在公园耍太极。影片结尾,他的女上司也加入这 种注重阴阳变化的古老体艺,男主角人也自在多了。究竟谁是师傅?谁是学徒? Editorially Speaking The Intern has generated quite some enthusiasm on campus, especially among the administrative ranks. The film conveys two positive messages: first, there are new things to learn even in one’s twilight years; second, veterans do have a lot to teach those in active service. The plot is an old-school executive meets a high-power online entrepreneur. The meeting of tradition and modernity is never far from the institutional identity of our University. A new landmark in Tai Po where the sight of a contemplative 76-metre tall Guanyin commands the viewer to do the same is not far, either. In this issue, Prof. Ho Puay- peng talks about how the Tsz Shan Monastery re-interprets traditional Buddhist art for a modern sentimentality. Our rapidly ageing demographics will give new meanings to many old usages. Talking tête-à-tête to the Newsletter is Prof. Jean Woo ( right ), an expert in gerontological medicine. She will clarify a few myths about old age, give some tips about how to prepare for it, and what her team is doing to make Hong Kong an age-friendly city. In the opening scene of The Intern , a leaden Ben Whittaker practises what appears to be tai chi in the park. At the film’s end, Jules Ostin joins a much composed Ben in this traditional Chinese calisthenics of the yin and the yang. By now, who’s the master; who’s the apprentice? 目录 CONTENTS 2 特写 Feature 何培斌谈慈山寺的灵性、古代性 和现代性  Ho Puay-peng on Tsz Shan Monastery─Spirituality, Antiquity and Modernity 4 . . . 校园消息 Campus News 6 字里高科 Tech Talks 6 宝健保健 Wealth In Health 7 到任同仁 Newly Onboard 8 口谈实录 Viva Voce Photo by ISO staff 月满汉园 Full-moon at VC’s Lodge 沈祖尧校长(中)和中大职员协会古筝合奏团于汉园准备丰富节目,与校友共度中秋。(页4) Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung (centre), Vice-Chancellor, and the Gu Zheng team of the CUHK Staff Association, preparing for their Mid-Autumn performance for alumni at the Vice-Chancellor’s Lodge (p. 4) 老化真的与你无关? (页8) Ageing is their problem, not mine. Really? ( p. 8 )