Newsletter No. 466

466 · 4.11.2015 1 466 4 · 11 · 2015 编见 博群大讲堂又一次为校园带来惊喜,请来穆罕默德 · 尤努斯教授谈他颠覆传统银行业的 故事。《通讯》记者记录了他的如珠隽语,供大家细味。 孟加拉学者不甘自困象牙塔而成就扶贫事业,吐露港畔的同仁也踏出结实脚步,纷纷以 所研所学为社会带来转变;几个知识转移基金项目展现了学府与社区的美妙连结。 尤努斯为穷人提供信贷,因为他别具慧眼,对他们的还款信用满有信心。信用卡的运作也 本建基于信,成为获利生意,放贷者就扭曲了原有观念,叫你相信只要偿付最低还款额, 已是信用的极致。想知道第一张信用卡的故事吗?我们就为你送上。 人们赋予字词的意义,总是受所处环境的影响。〈说东道西〉趣谈几个因视角不同而用词 迥异的例子,令人会心微笑。 世事纷杂,令人困惑。只此一家的中大通识教育最近获得国际殊荣。参与其中十多年的 梁美仪教授今期与我们聊聊,怎样为新生准备扎实的学习基础,训练他们理性审视各种 现象,予以回应。 Editorially Speaking The University Lecture on Civility has brought another pleasant surprise to our campus by inviting Prof. Mohammad Yunus to tell the story of how he subverted conventional banking. Our reporter has recorded his wise and provocative words and shared them with our readers. As the Bengali scholar left the ivory tower to help the poor, so too have researchers in this part of Asia. Academics at the Chinese University have been granted the Knowledge Transfer Project Fund to make a social impact with their research. Yunus made it possible for the underprivileged to take out loans because he had insight and confidence in their repayment. Credit cards used to operate on a basis of trust but the earning of profits corrupted the original intention, and lenders now lead us to believe that minimum repayment is already a generosity. We will tell you the story of the first credit card. The one and only CUHKGeneral Education systemwas recently bestowed an international honour. We had a chat with Prof. Leung Mei-yee who has been involved in it for over a decade, on how to build a solid foundation in freshmen and train them to scrutinize and respond to the world with rationality. 目录 CONTENTS 2 特写 Feature 将贫穷送入博物馆 Exiling Poverty to the Museum 4 特写 Feature 知识转移近观 Fine Specimens of Knowledge Transfer 5 . . . 校园消息 Campus News 6 财金浅趣 Financially Friendly 6 说东道西 7 宣布事项 Announcements 8 口谈实录 Viva Voce Photo by ISO staff 美景良辰 A Blissful Union on a Beautiful Campus 中大景致秀逸,倘能在此共订婚盟,是何等难忘。同为新亚书院和新闻与传播学院毕业生的潘达培和徐岱灵,日前在新亚书院圆形广场举行婚礼,逾三百 名亲友前来见证。 The unique Amphitheatre at New Asia College makes a perfect backdrop for a wedding. It was here that Eric Poon and Dora Choi, both alumni of New Asia College and the School of Journalism and Communication, tied the knot, witnessed by over 300 guests. 挑战学生的大学通识课程 (页8) The University General Education challenge ( p. 8 ) 摄影:戴毅龙先生 Photo by Mr. Tai Ngai-lung