Newsletter No. 471

471 · 19.1.2016 1 471 编见 新的一年,新的学期,学生重返校园,也带回很多故事。今期我们挑了两个以飨读者。 刘巡未进大学前已开展自己的生意,他向《中大通讯》介绍他其中一间新创公司Panjury,以一 个网上平台收集及归类为人忽视的网路评论,藉以量化及衡量公众意见,别出机杼。他也对 有意创业的学弟学妹提出宝贵建议。 今期另一位男主角是身为计量金融学学生却钟情昆曲的陈键漳(右图)。他参加了和声书院办 的昆曲班,而且颠倒雌雄,研串昆旦。〈口谈实录〉告诉你他如何「上瘾」成她,还有他从昆曲 班得到甚么。 〈说东道西〉的作者继续在浩瀚的文字大海里搜证,今期对准近代中文里的外来词,有些甚至 是不少人都不意识到是借来或译来的,读者必可从中得到一二点新趣旧知。 〈财金浅趣〉的作者,有时对过于技术性的分析也会束手无策,幸得财务处一位同事相助,得 以厘清一些投资模式及回报数据的想法。说来神奇,了解多了,心里也踏实多了。 Editorially Speaking New Year. New Term. Students repopulate the campus. In this issue we present the stories of two students who may be as diverse as any two you come across in an ordinary school day in the school bus. Jeffery Liu had one foot in the world of entrepreneurship even before he entered university. He talked to the Newsletter about one of his startups, Panjury, which organizes web comments, considered the flotsam and jetsam in the seas of information, to derive measures of public sentiment. He also has a few tips for schoolmates who may catch the fast train of startups someday. The other leading actor in this issue is Kinson Chan ( right ), a quantitative finance student who takes a near-professional interest in the ancient art of Kunqu . He took advantage of the Kunqu training offered by Lee Woo Sing College and opted for the leading actress role. ‘Viva Voce’ tells you how Kinson got ‘addicted’ and what he got out of the classes. Our Chinese scholar continues his detective work in the sea of contemporary Chinese. His magnifying glass is trained on loanwords which most of us may have taken for granted. Readers will surely learn a few things about a few words. Financial technicalities are usually not too friendly to the writer of ‘Financially Friendly’. With the help of a colleague friend from the Bursary, he is able to tease out a few things about investment patterns and ways of handling returns figures. Strangely, a little peace of mind comes with the writing. 19 · 1 · 2016 目录 CONTENTS 2 特写 Feature 创业要趁早 Young and Enterprising 4 . . . 校园消息 Campus News 6 财金浅趣 Financially Friendly 6 说东道西 7 宣布事项 Announcements 8 口谈实录 Viva Voce 三十而立 Standing Firm at 30 中大逸夫师生校友本月忙个不停!书院自成功挑战健力士世界纪录,成为全球一小时内回收最多玻璃瓶的团队后,1月22日又将举行院庆晚宴,共同见证 逸夫三十周年的大日子。图为逸夫书院辅导长梁耀坚教授。 What a busy and festive month it has been for Shaw College at CUHK! After breaking the World Guinness Records for the most glass bottles recycled in one hour, the College is hosting a banquet on 22 January to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Above photo shows Prof. Freedom Y.K. Leung, Dean of Students of Shaw College, posing for the College’s anniversary celebration. 辨我雌雄 (页8) Acting beyond Gender ( p. 8 ) Photo by Ng Chi-fai (Shaw College alumnus)