Newsletter No. 475

475 · 4.4.2016 1 475 编见 Gay couple’以前是一个戏剧名词,指十八世纪英国戏剧的黄金时代中常见的一对斗气斗咀的 欢喜冤家。最著名的例子是莎士比亚剧《无事生非》中的Benedick与Beatrice。 性别角色及期望的确会随时代转变。《中大通讯》访问了防止性骚扰委员会主席李子芬教授, 听她分享去年进行的网上问卷调查分析结果,为校园继续推动性别平等平权提出方向。 十八万人是多少人?河北省的蒙古少数民族有十八万,全球每半天大约有十八万名婴儿出生, 十八万也是中大的校友数目。每一名中大毕业生都自动成为校友评议会一员。评议会一向积极 支持中大各项活动。今期请来评议会属下筹募策划小组的陈志新博士、李健先生和黄显荣先 生,谈谈他们在为中大人的福祉忙些甚么。 恭喜蓝辉耀教授 ( 图 ) 获得2015年中华医学科技奖一等奖!〈口谈实录〉访问了蓝教授,看他 如何从一位在广州习医的学生,走到今天成为发扬中大精神,受中医理论启发,研制出治疗肾 病新方法的得奖学者。 Editorially Speaking ’Gay couple’ used to be a dramaturgical term referring to the stock characters in eighteenth century English drama where a man and a woman insult and torment each other but comically reconcile at the end of a play. The most famous examples are probably Shakespeare’s Benedick and Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing . Gender roles and expectations do change with the times. The Newsletter talks to Prof. Diana T.F. Lee, Chairperson of the Committee Against Sexual Harassment, who shares the results of the online survey conducted last year to point to future directions for further promoting gender equalities on campus. What does the number ‘180,000’ suggest? It is the population of the Mongol minority in Hebei, roughly the number of babies born worldwide in half a day, and the number of CUHK alumni (who automatically become members of the CUHK Convocation). This body of fine products of CUHK has been busy supporting the University’s initiatives. Hear its fundraisers Dr. Chan Chi-sun, Mr. Arthur Lee and Mr. Simon Wong on what fine deeds have been done or are being planned. Congratulations to Prof. Lan Hui-yao ( photo ) for winning the First Prize in the Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award 2015! ‘Viva Voce’ talks to Professor Lan and traces the path he has travelled from a medical student in Guangzhou to an acclaimed researcher who has, in the fine CUHK tradition, combined China and the West. 4 · 4 · 2016 ‘ 目录 CONTENTS 2 特写 Feature 一切从平等互重开始 Gender Equality andMutual Respect 4 好人好事 Fine Folks Fine Deeds 我辈责无旁贷 It’s Up To Me and You 5 财金浅趣 Financially Friendly 5 说东道西 6 . . . 校园消息 Campus News 6 宣布事项 Announcements 7 到任同仁 Newly Onboard 8 口谈实录 Viva Voce 台前幕后皆凝神 Focusing Attention for Performance 著名昆剧演员沈丰英与苏州昆剧院多位知名演员应昆曲研究推广计划邀请,3月19日在利希慎音乐厅上演经典折子戏。出场前,沈丰英一贯凝重,反覆练习。 Renowned kunqu artist Shen Fengying and the Suzhou Kunqu Opera Theatre were invited by the Kunqu Research and Promotion Project to perform excerpts at Lee Hysan Concert Hall on 19 March. Before making her entrance on stage, Miss Shen grabs the last minute for practising. 为治疗肾衰竭带来曙光 (页8) Shedding Light on Renal Failure ( p. 8 ) Photo by ISO staff