Newsletter No. 476

476 · 19.4.2016 1 476 编见 在他新书 The Sense of Style 的开场白,哈佛认知心理学家Steven Pinker承认对写作范本情有 独钟:「打从大学心理学入门课给指派念 The Elements of Style 开始,写作范本一直是我最喜 爱的文类之一。」 有些同事也如Pinker教授一样执文字,皓首穷经,小至一个标点,或是一个定冠词。但不是 每个作者都是这样的,只有少数作者中的作者才是这样。 今期〈口谈实录〉访问的是去年8月履新学能提升研究中心主任的秦家慧教授 ( 右图 ) ,她可算 是位老师中的老师。且听她分享心得,教怎样不等于学,而是要不断反思实验;她也会说说新 成立的电子学习创新科技中心如何帮助老师「翻转课室」。 今期特稿介绍中大两个跨海峡跨学科的协作,一个在生物社会心理学;一个在正向社会科学。 我们请来社会科学院院长和两位中心主任,谈谈这两个合作计划如何开社会科学风气先河。 李世 虽然五局输了四局给AlphaGO,但他没有输掉电脑没有的东西─体育精神。胜败轻松 事,今期两个关于科技与保健的专栏也来轻松点评一下。 Editorially Speaking In the Prologue to his The Sense of Style , Harvard cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker admits he loves style manuals: ’Ever since I was assigned Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style in an introductory psychology course, the writing guide has been among my favourite literary genres.’ Some of our colleagues share Professor Pinker’s fondness for getting to the bottom of things, which can be down to the position of a comma or whether a definite article is required before an abbreviated name. Not every writer fathoms things like that. If she does, she can be called a writer’s writer. ‘Viva Voce’ talked to a teacher’s teacher. Prof. Cecilia Chun ( right photo ) , who became Director of CLEAR last August, points out that teaching doesn’t necessarily lead to effective learning and much reflection and experiment goes into the acquisition of teaching skills. She also mentions how the latest instalments at ELITE help to flip the classroom. We also feature CUHK’s recent cross-strait interdisplinary endeavours. Two collaborative institutes have been established in biosocial psychology and positive social science, respectively. Hear what their champions say how new horizons in social science could possibly be opened up. Though he lost four of the five games of Go against AlphaGO, Lee Sedol did not lose something the machine doesn’t have─sportsmanship. He accepted his defeat in good grace and humour. Our leisurely columns in tech and health touch a little on these. 19 · 4 · 2016 石 乙 目录 CONTENTS 2 特写 Feature 结合中港台优势 揭社会研究新章 Cross-straitSynergiesinSocialSciences 4 . . . 校园消息 Campus News 7 字里高科 Tech Talks 7 宝健保健 Wealth In Health 8 口谈实录 Viva Voce 大学使命与外交翻译 Diplomatic Interpreting and the University’s Mission 外交部翻译司处长张璐女士在4月8日莅临中大主讲公开讲座,题为「外交翻译与中国外交」。她称中大「融会中国与西方」的理念与外交翻译不谋而合, 同样肩负消除隔阂、搭建桥梁、加强沟通的使命。 In a public lecture on ‘Things You Need to Know About Diplomatic Interpreting’ delivered on 8 April at CUHK, Ms. Zhang Lu, Division Chief, Department of Translation and Interpretation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, observed the commonalities between the University’s mission: ‘To bring together China and the West’ and diplomatic interpreting─to pull down walls, build bridges and enhance communications. 教而不思则罔 (页8) Teaching without Reflection is Labour Lost ( p. 8 ) Photo by ISO staff