Newsletter No. 477

477 · 4.5.2016 1 477 编见 拉丁文、生物纳米技术、戏剧与中大网站四者有何共通之处?答案是:四者均是本期《中大通 讯》的内容,而且四者都值得中大人自豪。 拉丁文值得中大人自豪?首先,中大有拉丁文课,教授古典拉丁文的夏其龙神父,为我们道出拉 丁文文法如何锻炼脑筋和提升书写能力。学点拉丁文,对中文也有帮助。 生物纳米技术又值得中大人自豪?蔡宗衡教授在生物纳米技术的突破性贡献,令他获颁2016 年度裘槎前瞻科研大奖,另外获裘槎优秀科研者荣誉的还有赵慧君教授和于君教授。三人的 成就值得我们恭贺! 看戏剧是享受,但令人自豪?古天农 ( 右图 ) 毕业于中大社会学系,在戏剧界贡献良多,现在在 中小学推广「教育剧场」。他在〈口谈实录〉谈到剧场经验如何令人了解自己,认识世界。这不 是教育是什么? 最后,中大网站值得中大人自豪?答案很简单─多人浏览,多人‘like’便是了。中大网站及应用 程式今年获得十六个无障碍大奖,四年间共拿下二十六个,足证我们的数码平台如何受本地 互联网和流动用户的欢迎。 Editorially Speaking What do Latin, bionanotechnology, drama and CUHK websites have in common? The answer: they are all in these pages and they are sources of pride for CUHK. How is a language that no one speaks today a source of pride? Well, we take pride in that classical Latin is offered here at CUHK. The teacher, Father Louis Ha, tells us how a training in Latin sharpens the mind and upgrades the prose. Even Chinese writers can benefit from a little Latin. How does bionanotechnology bring pride? The answer is found in the Croucher Innovation Award 2016 received by Prof. Jonathan Choi for his ground-breaking bionanotechnology research. He is joined by Prof. Rossa Chiu and Prof. Jun Yu, who received Croucher senior research fellowships for their impactful work in medical research, and they deserve our prideful congratulations! Drama is delightful to watch, but how does it bring pride? Mr. Ko Tin-lung ( right photo ) , a fine graduate of CUHK and now champion of Theatre-in-Education, talks to ‘Viva Voce’ about why theatrical experience is important in making sense of oneself and the world. Isn’t that, in short, education? Last but not least, how do our websites make us proud? The answer is obvious─they are accessed and liked. CUHK websites and apps have received 16 accessibility awards this year alone, bringing the total to 26 in four years and affirming that our digital façades and platforms are darlings among local internet and mobile users. 4 · 5 · 2016 Photo by Keith Hiro 人生如戏 (页8) The Drama of Life ( p. 8 )