Sustainable Campus Summer‧Autumn 2008

Summer Autumn 2008 ѧ The Chinese University of Hong Kong ɳУ԰ Sustainable Campus ľУ԰Ĺ屦Ƕôˣܹӵв١ ж٣ У԰ίԱָ£ҵԼǰչ һľ飬Ȳؾٺ׻ϵľȻ ͬλͼһArborTrack һ ӢƵľܵԻݿϵͳ ڽɡڣֻҪ£ͿڵԼУ ԰ͬĵͼԲȦÿһԲȦһ һ£ɼľдͼƬϸϡݿ⻹ ľϣÿһεԼ ÿһһεľ״ ΪУ԰ľ໧ T rees are the gems of our campus and we are obviously blessed with quite a few of them. But how many? Under the direction of the Campus Landscaping Enhancement Committee (CLEC), the Estate Management Office (EMO) began conducting a tree survey about two years ago. Trees with a diameter of at least 500 mm were measured and assessed. Then the data together with their visual image and the maps of their locations were inputted into ArborTrack, a sophisticated computerized database system made in the UK. The survey was completed early this year. Now maps of different areas on campus with circles for trees can be retrieved from the database with a few clicks of the mouse. One more click would reveal a close-up and details of the tree. The database also contains information on tree maintenance. The trees physical measurements are updated every three years and assessments of their conditions, every one to two years. There are 475 trees in the database, including rare and precious species and trees of historical value to CUHK. The EMO is in the process of hanging labels with name of species in Chinese and Latin, on the trees. This is expected to finish by the end of this year. The tree survey is part of the tree preservation policy which exists to protect and conserve trees on campus ( en/policy/tree.htm ). Decisions regarding implementation are carried out by the CLEC. Headed by Prof. Michael Hui, Associate Pro-Vice- Chancellor, its membership includes a Pro-Vice-Chancellor, a College Head, specialists in landscaping and botany from CUHK, EMO representatives, three external members, and two students of the University. Plotting a Habitat Map for Our Campus Trees Our Asset, Trees Our Pride ΪΪ ݿ¼İʮϡкƷ֣ дʷֵľҵдĺ ƵıǩϣԤڽɡ ľľߵһּ֣ڱͱ У԰ڵľ tree.htm ߵʵʩЭУĽͳ У԰ίԱûijԱһУ һԺԺдľֲѧרҡҵ ĴУԱдѧ ҳ To be continued ) ͼУ԰ĵܽ ǿʿǣ Left: A Scarlet Dombeya ( Dombeya wallichii Benth. & Hook. f. ) on Chung Chi campus (Courtesy of Mr. George Jor) ͨѶ In This Issue ΪΪ Trees Our Asset, Trees Our Pride ȫ̻Ŀдб Safe, Green and BeautifulSlopes of the Chinese University ҪſѶ Newsbreak ͼݿȡһó̳ ϡλݷУ԰ϡ Ʒ֡ Above: Data of a Green Ailantus ( Ailanthus fordii ) retrieved from the database, a rare and precious species found on Shaw campus.