Sustainable Campus Summer‧Autumn 2008

ϰ Web edition available at ͨѶֽӡ This newsletter is printed on recycled paper. � ҪſѶ Newsbreak شά Ϊ˾ٶУ԰ɧţУشУ԰ά޹̼ļСʮݷúͱ¥ λװݷõڲάѴ󲿷ɣ¥Ĺһʱ䡣̽ڼ䣬𲻱֮ ҵйʿ£ѧмһʱ˳ɡ ݷ ݷý1981꣬ѧ ίԱڽٴ £ҪΪ˽칫ҡȥ ȱռ䣬칫ֻں̨ װʱά޺ݷ ʽİ칫ҺͽϴĻװ䡣 ̰ռ֧Ԯʩ װµķ͵ϵͳȫ 豸ԼڲΡ Լʱ£µIJ ܿɹʹá ¥ Լʮǰı¥ ͼ ϵͳװòϵԴѶƼ񴦲߻ĵ ʩյϵͳľǰȽգԴЧ档ŵĿռ ཫ²֣ڳտռ䣬ÿƵȣʹؾáʩԶˮϵͳܵˮϵ ͳԼ¥ݵȽơ20085Ԥ2009긴ɡ Major Renovations Major renovations on campus were carried out during the summer in order to minimize disturbance to the campus community. Two buildings, Sir Run Run Shaw Hall and Pi Chiu Building received their first facelift in three decades. While the interior renovation of the first project is largely completed, the second one will continue for some time. The University thanks those affected for their tolerance and hopes they can bear with the project for just a little bit longer. Sir Run Run Shaw Hall Sir Run Run Shaw Hall ( above ), constructed in 1981, received a much needed overhaul this past summer, with funding from the University Grants Committee (UGC). One important aimwas to build offices for the hall. In the past, the hall had had to set up make-shift offices in the dressing room backstage due to lack of space. But after renovations, it will have proper offices and a larger dressing-room. The works mainly involved spatial reorganization and building an extension for supporting facilities, safety enhancement including new fire protection and wiring systems, and interior refurbishment. Except for the extension which will be completed in a couple of months, the new hall will be ready for use very soon. Pi Chiu Building Pi Chiu Building ( below ), built some 30 years ago, is upgrading its electrical system. This includes the installation of uninterrupted power supplies to complement the upgrading of computer facilities planned by the ITSC. The air-conditioning systems are also rearranged so energy can be used more efficiently while allowing for energy recovery by means of heat exchange before chilled air is exhausted. There will also be spatial rearrangments among service departments to free up enclosed space, adopt an open plan layout, etc., so that space can be used with greater efficiency. Basic facilities such as sprinkler systems, plumbing and drainage, and staircases are also enhanced during this exercise. The project began inMay 2008 and is expected to finish around Easter 2009. ԺԺַİȫʩ ԺƺԺĽչѧȡµ ȫʩ ѧͨѮڻ¥·ڴ˰ ͼ ѧڴѧϵİʿվ³󣬺 Ĵ·ȫͬʱ˴ӴѧǰѮڻ¥ ʱʹһ̵ĺש··뽨 ֮䣬һ·ָԭ̵ľ·ѱ һиǵС ͼ Щµʩ סͣ෽Щʹùǰ ȻѧҽĻΰ¥ʿ Safety Measures near New College Sites Following the commencement of works on the sites of Morningside College and S.H. Ho College, new safety measures have been adopted. Students disembarking on University Avenue near the driveway leading to Pentecostal Mission Hall Complex Low Block can now cross the three-lane avenue safelyby means of a new zebra-crossing ( above ). Also, pedestrians heading to the Pentecostal Mission Hall Complex Low Block from University Avenue can use a newly paved red- brick footpath ( below, lower left ) separated from the construction site by the driveway. And the old footpath adjacent to the site is now turned into a covered walkway ( below, lower right ). These new structures not only serve residents of the said hostel, but also commuters wishing to take the public lift to High Block and from there, to the University Health Centre or the Mong Man Wai Building. У԰չƻ У԰չƻCMPʹ˾ɡ׽׶γַ߽ 顷CMPҳ cmp/b5/ Թڶ׶εijַ߽չ ٴڴѧгԱij롣 CMP Report Uploaded The consultant of the CMP project has completed the Stage I Stakeholder Engagement Report which is now available on the CMP website at cmp/en/ . The continued participation of all members of the University is important in the second stage of stakeholder engagement which will commence soon.