Spiritual Care


Lakeside Walks

The “Lakeside Walks” Series was introduced to help CC-ers relax body, mind and soul. It aims at enhancing students’ physical and mental well-being, developing resilience and preparing students to be able to tide over any upcoming hurdles.

The Series covers a wide range of activities, such as Japanese-style pastel Nagomi art workshops, taichi workshops, mindfulness classes, self-understanding workshops, etc.


Social Work Interns

The College collaborates with the Department of Social Work to engage intern students for the provision of youth development services on Chung Chi campus. They put in much effort in approaching CC-ers in canteens and hostels to identify their actual needs. Two specific series of workshops were organized by the intern students before: “Hong Kong Survival Strategy” which helped mainland freshmen to consolidate understandings of Hong Kong and facilitate their lives studying abroad here in CUHK; workshops that focused on the understanding of chronotypes and the improvement of quality of sleep.


Faith Seeking & Spiritual Growth

There are various groups and workshops supported and organized by the College Chaplain’s Office to take care of our students’ spiritual and personal growth, including faith seeking groups, bible study groups, prayer meetings, personal growth workshops, etc. Chung Chi Student Fellowship provides a platform for Christians to support one and other. Non-Christian are most welcome to take part in the above activities.