Social Science


Fun Online Game Breakthrough in Automatic Sign Language Recognition

You might feel perplexed if you were to live in a town where you had to order coffee and buy clothes using sign language, especially when you know nothing about signing. This town might not exist in real life but it does virtually by a university research team which aims to promote sign language and social inclusion among the hearing and the deaf in a fun way. “SignTown”, an online AI assisted game launched by a team of CUHK sign language researchers and overseas partners, allows you to learn signs in a fictional town while completing daily tasks like a deaf person would, all simply in front of a camera…...

Unique Approach Brings Online Early Prediction of Kids’ Learning Problems

Parents should keep an early lookout for their kids having difficulty in Chinese, English and mathematics. It may signal a disability. Waiting for a time-consuming face to face assessment might miss the best time for intervention. A CUHK team is building an online assessment tool that lets parents predict early their kids’ learning problems in these core subjects for a timely and satisfactory solution……

Half Good Done by Mangrove Wetlands Eliminated by Methane

Mangrove wetlands help with climate change by retaining carbon but the methane they emit counters the benefit. An international study shows the good being done by retention is reduced by emission to half over 20 years. And the balance is tipping the wrong way because of global warming and river discharge …….