Ms. Chan Sin-han, Catalina

Ms. Chan Sin-han, Catalina



BS in Social Work( Central Missouri State University, USA)
MSW ( University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)
Register Social Worker

3943 7400
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Research Interests

  • Child abuse and neglect case work and group work
  • Mental health case work and group work
  • New immigrant
  • Single parent family
  • Children with special needs
  • Community mobilization


Curriculum Vitae

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Selected Publications

  • 「珍爱儿童」个案集,「幸福的重获」童年被性侵犯幸存者治疗个案剖析,防止虐待儿童会及明报出版 2009
  • Presentation at 2008 International Congress of International Society of Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (unpublished) : "Characteristic of Child Sexual Abuse Investigation Cases - A Five Year Review from 2003 to 2007"
  • 「辅导个案 示例与启迪」,「傲霜兰: 向童年被性侵犯幸存者致意」治疗个案剖析,香港教育学院 (教育心理 ,辅导与学习支援系)讲师, 前线教师,辅导人员及前线社工合着 ,香港教育学院出版 2005
  • 「童心同行」,「愤怒之火」家庭暴力个案剖析 及「生存者的重生」童年被性侵犯幸存者治疗个案剖析,防止虐待儿童会出版 2000