Student Union Chung Chi College

Duties of Student Union focus on the following 5 categories:


  1. To organize student activities including orientation camp for freshmen and Founder’s Day Student Festival;
  2. To publish a magazine “Chung Chi People” to share current issues in Chung Chi College;
  3. To provide services to students and student bodies;
  4. To concern about campus affairs and university development by participating actively in college and university affairs;
  5. To encourage students to be concerned about public affairs by holding exhibitions and forums, which provide a chance for students to discuss and dig into some social issues, thus fostering better understanding and sensitivity towards the issues.



  • Executive Committee of Chung Chi College Student Union

  • Activity of Chung Chi College Orientation Camp 2015

  • Activity of Student Festival of 64th Founders’ Day Celebration of Chung Chi College

  • Consultation of Candidate Cabinet of Chung Chi College Student Union