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Liu Dudu Charlie, President of the CUHK Mainland Undergraduate Association

'The University's education experience is distinguished by multiculturalism, a college system and a world-class reputation. These are the reasons I chose CUHK over other universities on the mainland and in Hong Kong. The BBA Programme also has excellent career prospects and gives comprehensive training on soft interpersonal skills,' said Liu Dudu Charlie.

Charlie, who hails from Shanghai, was not disappointed when he arrived at CUHK. 'The campus is much more beautiful than I expected. The University gives us a lot of support. The learning enhancement services and the learning enhancement officers, in particular, were very helpful to us in adapting to a new learning environment.'

Talking about college life, he said, 'Life in New Asia College was fantastic.' He still recalls the I‧Care forum 'Meaning of Death' held on 30 November 2012 at the New Asia Amphitheatre. Not only did the rain not dampen the audience's enthusiasm, but it contributed to a perfect ambience for discussing death. He was enlightened by the words of Prof. Kwan Tze-wan of the Department of Philosophy and Mr. Leung Man-tao, local current affairs commentator.

The CUHK Mainland Undergraduate Association (MUA) held its cabinet election last April. Charlie and his friends won. As the new president, he said, 'I would like to contribute to a better experience for mainland undergraduates of CUHK.'

Established in 2003, the MUA aims at strengthening the ties of mainland undergraduates and enhancing communication with the University and the Colleges. Charlie pointed out that MUA will continue to organize activities to achieve these purposes. Its key activities are an orientation camp, a singing contest and a Chinese culture festival. The MUA currently has over a thousand members. 'We plan to encourage cross-cultural communications especially between local and mainland students. Forums will be held for them to exchange views and know more about each other. Of course, we will also invite local students to attend activities organizedby MUA.'

Charlie observed that both mainland students and local students have their own strengths. The former tend to be more diligent while the latter are more open-minded and energetic. They can certainly learn from each other and there are plenty of opportunities at CUHK for doing so. 'Don't be passive. Everything is possible here if you're proactive.'