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Social scientists analyse human behaviour using different approaches—psychological, social, cultural…. Nobel Laureate in Economics 1992 Gary Becker applied economic analysis to social issues that economists normally do not scrutinize, such as marriage, family, giving birth. His work inspired many young scholars, including Prof. Zhang Junsen who was recently elected Fellow of the Econometric Society. Professor Zhang tells readers about his academic path and latest research in 'Thus Spake…'.

Operating a bookstore is an economic activity but is it always purely so? This issue's feature 'A Book Lover's Discourse' introduces a campus bookshop that's managed by book lovers. As Becker iterated in his Nobel speech, human behaviour including economic activities is motivated by a much richer set of values and preferences than self-interest and financial gain.

Are criminal activities motivated by selfishness then? Mr. Philip Wong, director of the Transport and Security Office, gives an update of the crime situation on campus. Committing crime and being the victim of it both entail costs to the individual—Mr. Wong also warns the campus community against certain risks and scams.