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Advanced Programme for Central Bankers

To promote the leading role of Hong Kong as an international financial and banking centre, the Institute of Global Economics and Finance (IGEF) hosted an advanced programme for central bankers from 20 to 22 February. The 29 participants of the programme included central bankers from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Fiji, Hong Kong, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Vietnam, and others. Featured speakers of the programme included Prof. Liu Mingkang, former chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission and BCT Distinguished Research Fellow of IGEF; Prof. Joseph Yam, former chief executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and Distinguished Research Fellow of IGEF; Prof. Lawrence J. Lau, former CUHK Vice-Chancellor and Claire Landau Professor of Economics of IGEF; Dr. Eddy Fong, former chairman of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission; Mr. Michael J. Andrew, global chairman of KPMG.

The programme serves as an important platform for central bankers from non-G20 countries and regions to exchange and update their knowledge on banking policy and regulation.