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‘Good Companions’ on the Dining Table

The bad reputation for British cuisine has long been shed by its celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein and Gordon Ramsey. And London is now one of the food capitals of the world with plenty of Michelin-starred restaurants. Yet if you are asked to name one iconic British dish, fish and chips may still be the first to pop up in your head. The fact that Rick Stein has a fish and chips restaurant in Padstow, Cornwall, is testimony to the weight that this dish carries in the minds of the British.

Those who want to try this national dish of Britain can visit the Morningside College Dining Hall. The battered fish fillet is golden brown and crisp. In British chippies, the dish may be served with the traditional salt and vinegar. Here it is served with lemon wedges. Tartar sauce, another popular condiment, is also available at the condiment counter. To cater for local palates, a vegetable salad is used to replace the traditional mushy peas as the side dish.

It is said that Winston Churchill called fish and chips the 'good companions'. If you are an Anglophile, it won't be a bad idea to find a pleasant afternoon to call on these 'good companions' at the outdoor dining area of the said dining hall.