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Research, writing, editing, printing – 20 issues have passed, almost imperceptibly. The academic year has come to a close and it's time to bid a temporary farewell to our readers. Every ending calls for a review of things achieved.

Coincidentally the contents of this issue are in line with that. The students and teachers of the Nethersole School of Nursing spoke to us on how to accompany terminally ill patients on their last journeys. One way is to compile a 'life story book' that takes stock of a patient's joys and sorrows in life. Someone in charge of a public university's finances must in her calculations put the interests of its members first. The University Bursar who's been in office for almost a year, Salome Chan, shares her insights. For city dwellers who dine out frequently, it's easy to lose track of their dietary intake. The Morningside College cafeteria has thoughtfully launched a healthy menu that counts your intake for you.

The Newsletter will be back after the summer holidays, on 19 August. Besides a new layout design, the 'Ins and Outs' section will take on a new format. New columns will also be launched to share with readers technological information and job experiences.

John Lubbock (1834–1913) said in his book The Use of Life, 'Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.'

No matter how you spend the summer, we hope you will be revitalized when you come back to campus again.