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Fine Arts Graduates Recognized for their Achievements

Wong Sau-ping, film director
Lam Tung-pang (right), visual artist
Artwork of Lam Tung-pang: Things Happened on the Island
Au Hoi-lam, visual artist
Artwork of Au Hoi-lam: My Parents Bought me a Blouse from Shanghai on the 4th of May 2001

A number of graduates from the Department of Fine Arts were bestowed accolades in art for their remarkable achievements. Prof. Mok Kar-leung Harold, chairman of the department, said, 'The department takes pride in its position as the leading cradle of local artists as affirmed by the latest additions to the important prizes awarded to our alumni. I hope that this will inspire our undergraduates to contribute to the development of art and culture of Hong Kong with their enterprising spirit.'

Mr. Wong Sau-ping Adam, fine arts graduate, was awarded the Best New Director in the Hong Kong Film Awards with his film The Way We Dance. He also won the Best Artist (Film) in the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2013. Other fine arts graduates honoured were Mr. Lam Tung-pang (Best Artist: Visual Arts) and Au Hoi-lam (Award for Young Artist: Visual Arts). Organized by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, the awards are presented to local artists, arts organizations, schools and business organizations in recognition of their unstinting support and contributions to arts development in Hong Kong.

Mr. Siu Wai-hang, graudate of the Master of Fine Arts programme, won the WYNG Masters Award with his photo series 'The Roadsider', which features pictures of roadside plants. With the theme 'Air', the competition was aimed at raising public awareness of social issues through photography.