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New Bioethics Centre

The bold new world of biotechnology creates profound and challenging ethical, legal, and social issues. To answer these challenges, the Faculty of Medicine of CUHK is in the process of establishing Hong Kong's first interdisciplinary centre for bioethics. The CUHK Centre for Bioethics will add a critically important dimension to its existing strengths by providing a values-oriented, biotechnology-sensitive resource for exploring the impact of these new technologies on society and health systems.

'The universal principle behind bioethics is respect for persons, defined broadly,' said CUHK Pro-Vice-Chancellor Fok Tai-fai, interim director of the new CUHK Centre for Bioethics. He continued, 'We have tests now for the genetic markers for psychiatric, neurological, and behavioral traits and disorders. However, who should take them? When? And what do you do next? These are the kinds of issues that we plan to explore as the new centre takes shape, and translate into medical education for the next generation of doctors.'

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