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Editor's Note

The holidays are over. Some CUHK members had a fascinating summer. 'What'd They Do in the Summer?' will show you what they did and where they went.

When you see this, Cell and Molecular Biology student, Tom Tam, will have graduated and left for UC Riverside to pursue doctoral studies. Before he took off, Tom spoke to us about coping with an inborn hearing impairment and how he has overcome his disability with help and trodden a path to a bright future.

For many, architecture is a much admired profession. There's no better person than Prof. Nelson Chen, director of the School of Architecture and a veteran in the field, to talk about the professional qualities and mission an architect of the 21st century should possess.

How many passwords do you have? Ten? Do you remember them all? Do you need them all? The debut instalment of 'Tech Talks' will examine these and other issues close to your heart.

The bitter melon is so named because it's bitter. In Cantonese, it's sometimes also known as 'cool melon'. The Shaw College canteen brings out both characteristics of this popular ingredient by playing with our taste-buds.


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