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Editor's Note

When humans throw themselves into developing information technology, they also expose themselves to unprecedented risks. But often we are too engrossed in the luxuries of technology to notice the dangers. Prof. Lau Wing-cheong of the Department of Information Engineering talks to us about Internet security and cyber-attacks. While congratulating ourselves on having experts to help safeguard our security, should we also reconsider our dependence on technology?

Is development a blessing or a curse? 'Am I fond of debate? But I have no choice.' As Mencius said, debate is inevitable when it comes to certain topics. CUHK, with its long history of debate, has its fair share of fans of the art. Behind the successes of its debate team is a unique tradition and its supporters. This issue of the Newsletter will tell you more.

Experienced debaters know that good arguments are not purely dazzling speech performances, but are grounded in reality. To understand our society and place in the world, we need to think from multiple perspectives. The new Dean of Social Science, Prof. Chiu Chi-yue, shares with us how inter-disciplinary teaching and research can help explain the complexities of different social phenomena.

Definitions are important in debates, but they are more relaxed in the kitchen. It is good to know that the curry served at Orchid Lodge is masala, but more importantly, that it's delicious.


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