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Editor's Note

The Pavilion of Harmony on campus is inspired by a core Confucius concept—the union of man and nature. In other words, heaven's way and man's way are interconnected. In Taoism, this union refers to the belief that human beings should follow the flow of nature in order to attain harmony with nature.

The pursuit of the way transcends cultural, racial and national boundaries. Among the Chinese University's students there's a Taoist nun 'Jingxiu'—Karine Martin from France who had come to mainland China and then Hong Kong to study under Taoist masters. This 32nd generation disciple of the Longmen lineage tells us in plain language how to be simple, spontaneous and follow the ways of nature.

True harmony is everyone's pursuit. The University has revised its family-friendly leave policy to enable staff to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Emotional well-being is conducive to performance at the job, and facilitative of workplace harmony.


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What I like about Taoism is that it focuses on two important aspects of life—the body and the mind. This distinguishes it from other religions where some might focus on the body, while others might focus more on the mind. Karine Martin