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Leadership Experts Visit Shaw

On 13 June, Shaw College joined hands with the Centre for Asia Leadership Initiatives and the Asia Leadership Trek in offering the conference 'Leading Change in the 21st Century'. Prof. Thomas Tse, Dean of General Education of Shaw College, welcomed the 30 leadership experts and alumni from, among others, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Harvard Graduate School of Education, The Wharton School, Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan School of Management. The full-day programme included a keynote address by Paul Tomes, co-founder and CEO of PassKit, two TED talks, a panel discussion on leadership attributes for the new economy, and a number of workshops and career monitoring seminars.

Miss Allison Cho, year 1 student of English from Shaw College, found it great to have the opportunity to attend the conference where it provided people with a platform to share ideas. She said, 'The speakers are very willing to give advice and listen to our thoughts. I attended one of the workshops named “Nudging 101: Better Decision Making”.I have learned not only to make better choices of my own but also how to lead people to choose certain things. Overall, the conference is an incredible experience.'

Mr. Ng Sai-cheong, Year 3 IBBA student also from Shaw College, attended the 'Adaptive Leadership' workshop. He said, 'What impressed me the most was the saying that leadership is practice. No matter how small you are, you can always find a way to exercise your leadership. Thanks to the conference and to the instructors for inspiring me.'


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