OCDA Corner

OCD is an online directory of contact information of University staff members and departments/offices/units. It helps to streamline and expedite the existing manual search through the printed version of Contact Directory.

Who can use OCD?

OCD is open to University staff members and students.

Who is responsible for collection of information?

The information is collected and updated by the nominated OCD Administrator (OCDA) of respective departments/offices/units.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of OCD?

The OCD is developed and maintained by the Information Technology Services Centre while the Information Services Office oversees its implementation and management.

What should I do if I found my contact information not up-to-date?

Please contact the OCDA of your department/office/unit to update your contact information.

Why do we need to seek the consent of staff members?

The University is required by law not to use/disclose personal data of its members (including staff and students) without the individual's consent for any purpose other than those for which such data were collected or a directly related purpose. For staff members whose information has been published in the Contact Directory, it is deemed that their consent has already been given.

Who should give consent in a consent form?

Those requiring to sign a consent form are: (a) new employees; and (b) existing employees whose contact information has not been included in the Contact Directory 2009.

Download a copy of the consent form:

Who can be listed in the OCD?

In principle, it is up to the department/office/unit concerned to decide whom to include in the OCD. Thus, the department/office/unit may include honorary staff or even non-CUHK people (people not on CUHK payroll or not in any way contractually related to CUHK) whose contact information the department/office/unit thinks is relevant to its operation, provided always that they have given their consent.

Will the printed version of Contact Directory be published in the future?

The data of the OCD will be captured each year for compiling the printed version of Contact Directory.