Bulletin Vol. 11 No. 2 Oct 1974

NEW FACULTY OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION A new Faculty of Business Administration has been established in the academic year 1974-75 in view of the local community's increasing demand for properly trained management personnel an d the resultant rapid expansion in the number of students enrolling for Business Administration, hitherto a department of the Faculty of Commerce and Social Science. The new Faculty is offering courses in six concentration areas, namely, Accounting,Finance ,Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, Production, Marketing, and International Business , leading to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration. Prof. Hsin Sutu has been appointed Dean of this new Faculty. GIFTS TO THE UNIVERSITY • Mr. D. Ikeda, President of the Sokagakkai in Japan, donated a collection of 1,032 volumes of Japanese books to the University. The collection comprises 184 titles in social sciences and the humanities. • The Hindu Association donated a copy of The Veda Book, the Hindu scripture, to the University. PUBLICATION NEWS The Publications Office has entered into agreements with various university presses to produce the following monographs: Recent joint-publications: Winston Wan Lo : The Life and Thought of Yeh Shih (University Presses of Florida) M.M.Y. Fung, K.C. Wong , C.T. Wong, S.S. Koo, D. Yu, S.C. Man, H.C. Li and C.M. Ng (eds.): An Anthology of Modem Chinese Poetry (1917-1949) (The Hong Kong University Press) Forthcoming joint-publications Derk Bodde: Festivals in Classical China (The Princeton University Press) Ping-ti Ho: The Cradle of the East: An Inquiry into the Indigenous Origins of Techniques and Ideas of Neolithic and Early Historic China, 5000-1000 B. C (The University of Chicago Press) Hsü Chin-hsiung: The Menzies Collection of Shang Dynasty Oracle Bones, Vol. II (in Chinese) (The Royal Ontario Museum) Other publications in 1974: In Chinese Modern Biology, Chinese Adaptation of BSCS Versions for Hong Kong Middle Schools In English Shen-yu Dai: China, the Superpowers, and the Third World: A Handbook on Comparative World Politics A.R.B. Etherton: Teaching English to Chinese-speaking Learners: A First Bibliography of Research and Studies T.C. Lau: Sitting up at Night and Other Chinese Poems Li Chi: The Travel Diaries of Hs ü Hsia-k'o (1586-1641) Lee C. Nehrt, Gano S. Evans and Lamp Li: Managerial Po l i c y, Strategy and Planning for Southeast Asia Paul Fu-mien Yang, S.J.: Chinese Linguistics: A Selected and Classified Bibliography Chi Hsing Yong: Asymptotic Behaviour of Trigonometric Series PERSONALIA I. Appointments Faculty of Arts Prof. Gene T. Hsiao Visiting Professor (Humanities) Chinese Mr. Yu Kwang-chung Reader, United Dr. Kuang Mei Lecturer, New Asia Mr. Chiang Ying-ho Language Instructor, Chung Ch i Mr. Huang Kai-hwa Language Instructor, New Asi a 一 2 —