Newsletter No. 27

CUHK Newsletter •No27 February 1992 Side Lights Lunar New Year Fair A fair organized by the Sir Run Rim Shaw Hall to usher in the Year of the Monkey was held on the central campus on Saturday, 25th January. The fair started off at 1.30 p.m. with a lion's dance performed by students of the International Studies Programme. Two actors impersonating monkeys distributed ‘longevity buns' to onlookers that were bom under the sign of the Monkey. Colourful balloons carrying the written wishes of fair-goers were then set free to conclude the opening ceremony. This year a total of 80 stalls and activity items were organized, which was a record number. In addition to games for children and stalls offering different kinds of food and merchandise, karaoke facilities with elaborate sound and lighting effects were set up on the stage of the Sir Run Run Shaw Hall, andmany interesting competitions were organized at different spots. The Chinese University Women's Organization was the champion in both the stall decoration and cleanliness competitions while the Physical Education Department won the Food Street Deli Competition with the delicious Japanese handrolls they made. The day's activities attracted over 2,800 participants, some of whom were senior citizens from the Sha Tin district specially invited by the organizers to take part. Exhibition of Selections from the Art Gallery's Permanent Collection To commemorate its 20th anniversary, the Art Gallery will mount an exhibition of selections from its permanent collection from 4th March to 10th May. The exhibition will feature paintings, calligraphy, ceramics, bronzes, jades, rubbings and various antique items selected from the gallery's resident collection built up since its establishment. The majority of paintings and calligraphy in the exhibition will be works of famous Guangdong artists such as Zhang Mu, Lin Liang, the ‘two Su's', the ‘two Ju's' and the 'three Gao's'. The Guangdong collection was established in 1973 and has been supplemented later by works of the Yangzhou painters of the Qing period as well as modem painters. On display will be paintings by Yuan Jiang, Wang Shishen, Xu Gu and Zhang Daqian. The Art Gallery's ceramics collection covers a long period from the Neolithic Ages to the Qing Dynasty. Representative pieces to be exhibited include a pottery bottle of the Neolithic period with chiselled patterns, a pottery jar of theWestern Han period painted with a dragon design, a tri-colour glazed Dvarapala of the Tang period, a Jin pillow in the shape of a reclining child, a large blue-and-white dish of the Yuan Dynasty, and enamelled and monochromed ceramics of the Ming and Qing periods. Bronzes, jades, seals, rubbings and objects for the scholar's studio will also form an important part of the exhibition. Worthy of special mention are a Shang bronze tripod with a worms-and-cicada design, jades belonging to the Liangzhu culture, a Song rubbing of the Huashan Temple Stele, a green Duan inkstone of the Ming period, and an ivory tusk bearing the ‘Liang Wei' mark of the Qing period. The exhibition will demonstrate the spectacular scope of the Art Gallery's collection, as well as the enthusiastic support the gallery has received from various generous donors over the years. Dish with farnille rose design of bats and peaches,Qing period CUH K Newslette r We welcome your contributions 1. Items for the next issue (mid-March 1992) should reach the Editor by 27th Fehruary l992. 2. All contributions and suggestions should be sent to the Editor, CUHK Newsletter, c/o the Publication Office, University Secretariat, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (tel. 6097297, fax 6035503). 3. Contributions should bear the writer's name and contact telephone number, and may be published under pseudonyms. Articles without Chinese translations will appear in the English version of the Newsletter only. No anonymous letters will be published. 4. The Editor reserves the right to reject contributions and to edit all articles forreasons of clarity, length or grammar. Those who do not wish to have their articles amended should indicate clearly in writing. 5. No part of this Newsletter may be reproduced without the written consent of the Editor. 6. This publication has a circulation of 1,100 and is primarily intended for staff members of CUHK. Copies are also sent to local educational institutions and individualsassociated with the University. Those who wish to be included on the mailing list please contact the Newsletter direct. Published by the Publication Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Editor: Amy K. Y. Leung Assistant Editors: K. L. Wan; Florence Chan Graphic Artist: Stella P. C Lai 10