Newsletter No. 27

University News 1
Council News 1
Dr. the Hon. Sir Kenneth Ping-fan Fung 1
Mr. Paul M.F. Cheng 1
Dr. Victor K. Fung 1
Funeral Service for Dr. Painan R. Wu 2
New Research Lab for Food Science 3
Education Conference on Life and Computers 3
Features 4
The Chinese Music Archives 4
The House That Was Once a Home 6
Announcements 8
Professorial Inaugural Lecture 8
New Stops for Shuttle Light-buses (Down-route) 8
New Publications of the University Press 8
Visiting Professor 8
Services to the Community and International Organizations 8
Personalia 9
Side Lights 10
Lunar New Year Fair 10
Exhibition of Selections from the Art Gallery's Permanent Collection 10