Newsletter No. 29

cuHK Newsletter No.29 April 1992 Application for Research Funds from the Epson Foundation The next internal deadline for the application of funding from the Epson Foundation is 30th April 1992. A ll applications should be made on prescribed forms and sent to the Secretary, Research Committee, c/o Room 306, John Fulton Centre before the deadline. The Epson Foundation was established in 1990 with an initial endowment of six million Hong Kong dollars. It is an alternative source of funding for small projects. To obtain application forms and further information on the foundation, please call ext. 7866. University Swimming Pool Reopened The University Swimming Pool at the Benjamin Franklin Centre reopened on 15th April. The pool is open seven days a week including public holidays. Opening hours are from 10.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m., with a half-hour break from 2.00 to 2.30 p.m. Admission charges are as follows: Students $ 5.00 Staff and immediate family members over 18 $ 9.00 Staff family members aged 18 or under $ 5.00 Alumni (after payment of annual subscription of $180) $ 9.00 Accompanied guests $24.00 Re-issuing of membership card (staff family members & alumni) $ 14.00 Staff dependants may now apply for new admission cards at the Office of Student Affairs, Room 108, Benjamin Franklin Centre. Each applicant has to bring along one photo and the staff ID card concerned. Applicants under 18 are required to produce copies of birth certificates for inspection. Faculty of Medicine 10th Anniversary Activities The Faculty of Medicine has organized two activities to mark its 10th anniversary. The first event — the ‘CUHK Faculty of Medicine 10th Anniversary Symposium — Cancer Today' - will be held on Saturday, 25th April at 8.30 a.m. at the lecture theatre of Shaw College. The second activity will be a 10th anniversary exhibition to be staged first at the exhibition hall of the City Hall from 27th to 30th April, and then at the exhibition gallery of Sha Tin Town Hall from 1st to 3rd May. All are welcome. Exhibition of University Press Publications The Chinese University Press has launched a promotion campaign at 18 leading bookstores in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories to bring its publications to the attention of the public. More than 100 titles including academic books, general books and video tapes are displayed and on sale at special discounts. The campaign will end on 20th April. New Publications of the University Press The following books will be sold at a 20 per cent discount to staff members at the University Bookshop, John Fulton Centre. • A Glossary of Political Terms of the People's Republic of China (《中国大陆政治术语》)( in Chinese), by L i Kwok-sing, 580 pages, paperback, HK$95. • Studies on the History of the Chinese Book, Paper, Ink and Printing (《中国书籍、纸墨及印刷史论文集》) (in Chinese), by Tsien Tsuen-hsuin, 336 pages, paperback, HK$120. • A Modern Interpretation of Classical Chinese Poems (《爸 诗今读》)( in Chinese), by Wong Wai-leung, 176 pages, paperback, HK$35. Services to the Community and International Organizations • Dr. Frank Fu, senior lecturer in physical education, has been invited by the Amateur Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong to be a member of the Hong Kong Olympic Academy initially for one year from 1st January 1992. • Dr. P. Y. Tsao, lecturer in music, has been reappointed to serve on the Textbook Review Panel (Education Department) for two years from 1st March 1992. • Prof. K. C. Mun, dean of business administration and professor of marketing, has been invited to be an honorary adviser to the Hong Kong Institute of Marketing for two years until 31st March 1994. • Dr. Richard M. W. Ho, lecturer in Chinese language and literature, has been appointed by HE the Governor as an arbitrator to an arbitration tribunal for three years from 1st March 1992. • Prof. Kenneth Young, dean of science and professor of physics, has been invited to serve as a member of the Technology Committee of the Industry and Technology Development Council from 2nd March to 31st December 1992. • Dr. Agnes Ng, senior lecturer in social work, has been appointed by the Secretary for Health and Welfare to serve on the Working Party on Review of Children and Youth Centre Services from 6th March 1992. Awards & Honours • Dr. Chan Wing Wah, lecturer in music, was presented the '1991 Composer of the Year Award' by the Hong Kong Artists' Guild inrecognition ofhis outstanding performance as a composer and his contributions towards artistic developments in Hong Kong. • Dr. C. K. Wong, senior lecturer in psychiatry, was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal College of Psychiatrists on 3rd February 1992. (All information in this section is provided by the Information Office) 10