Newsletter No. 29

CUHK Newsletter No.29 April 1992 software will be used to help urban planners and highway engineers to properly align roadways so that the noise impact of various construction projects can be minimized. During his visit to the University, Lord Caithness also toured the Art Gallery and a laboratory engaged in the analysis of micropollutants and their effects on health. T w o M i l l i o nDollars for Research f rom Croucher Foundation Two research projects proposed by members of the University have recently succeeded in obtaining financial assistance from the Croucher Foundation. The first project is a three-year research on 'Effects of oil and oil dispersants on marine plankton in Hong Kong waters', conducted by Drs. P. K. Wong and C. K. Wong of the Department of Biology. The second project is a two-year research on 'An integrated expert systems/simulation approach to telecommunications network planning' by Dr. P. C. Wong of the Department of Information Engineering. The former has been granted HK$ 1,302,000 and the latter, HK$662,240. Un i ve r s i ty Health Service Committee The University Health Service Committee (UHSC) was set up in November 1990 and is responsible for making recommendations to the University on the planning, development, and any policy matter of UHS. Its terms of reference include, among other things, dealing with any complaints filed against UHS. At a recent bimonthly meeting of UHSC , a complaint against a physician of UHS was discussed. Members unanimously endorsed the investigation report submitted by Prof. S. W. Tam, pro-vice-chancellor and chairman of UHSC, to the vice-chancellor. In view of the recent development of the case, an ad hoc working group was also set up with the following membership and terms of reference: (a) Composition Convener: Prof. S.W. Tam Members: One UHSC member from the Faculty of Medicine (Prof. P.C. Leung) Two UHSC members from among staff representatives (Prof. C.Y. Lee; Prof. Rance P.L. Lee) Two UHSC members from among student representatives (Mr. Lau Yuk-tung; Mr. So Yeung) (b) Terms of reference The ad hoc working group shall (i) receive formal complaints; (ii) conduct fact finding and consultation exercises; and (iii) report results of its investigation to UHSC in respect of medical cases which allegedly have not been treated properly by physicians of UHS. Staff members and students who intend to file a formal complaint against UHS arising from the medical treatment they have received personally at UHS are advised to write in person to Mr. S. S. Tam, secretary of the University Health Service Committee, c/o Personnel Section, University Administration Building, giving details of their complaint for consideration of the ad hoc working group. Suggestions for improvement of service are also welcome. N e w Research Admini st rat ion Office to Be Established i n May An independent Research Administration Office w i ll be established from 1st May 1992 to replace the R & D Contract Administration Unit (CAU) of the Office of Industrial and Business Development. Existing staff from the CAU will : be redeployed to man the new office The R & D Contract Administrator Officer, to be retitled Research Administratio Officer, will head the new office and report to Prof. S. W. Tam pro-vice-chancellor. The new Research Administrator Office w i ll continue to support the Research Commi t t ee w i t h the Research Administration Officer serving as its secretary. The office will also take care of R & D contract administration, the coordination of applications for research grants, as well as the collection of research and publication information. It is expected to provide better coordinated and cost-effective research administrative support services to the University community. Research Administration Office Research Administration Officer: Mrs. Alice N. Yip, Ext.7869, Rm.308, John Fulton Centre Executive Officer: Ms. Marian Fung, Ext.7866, Rm.306, John Fulton Centre 2