Newsletter No. 29

University News 1
Council News 1
Donation to Support Environmental Research 1
Two Million Dollars for Research from Croucher Foundation 2
University Health Service Committee 2
New Research Administration Office to Be Established in May 2
Future Users of the University Library Extension 3
Siu-lien Ling Wong Visiting Fellow 1991–92 3
Sir Run Run Shaw Distinguished Visiting Scholar 1991–92 3
Yale Historian Visits United College 3
Professor of Electronic Engineering Gives Inaugural Lecture 4
Outstanding Performance of Extramural Students in HK Art Biennial Exhibition 4
Workshops on Vascular Tumours and Clinical Cytology 4
The Graduate School to Launch New Programmes 4
Features 5
Long Service Awards 5
Personalia 8
Announcements 9
Professorial Appointment 9
Professorial Inaugural Lecture 9
Wei Lun Lectures 9
University Library News 9
Mandarin and Cantonese Courses for Staff & Spouses 9
Application for Research Funds from the Epson Foundation 10
University Swimming Pool Reopened 10
Faculty of Medicine 10th Anniversary Activities 10
Exhibition of University Press Publications 10
New Publications of the University Press 10
Services to the Community and International Organizations 10
Awards & Honours 10