Newsletter No. 31

CUHK Newsletter • No31 June 1992 physicists to visit the University and to give lectures and conduct research at the Physics Department, Those interested in joining the party or contributing to the C. N. Yang Visiting Professorship Fund please contact the Department of Physics at 6096125 or 6096339. Tickets for the dinner will be sold at $450 each. Non-fee-charging Bus Service for Staff The University will provide a non-fee-charging bus service during the months of June, July and August (except on Sundays and public holidays) to facilitate those staff members who travel to and from work by train. To tie in with University working hours, the bus will run on the following schedule from 1st June to 28th August: Up Route Day and Time Itinerary Monday to Saturday at Lingnan Stadium > CU Sports 8.30a.m. and 8.40a.m. Centre > Y.C. Liang Hall > (two trips per day) K.K. Leung Bldg. > United College > New Asia College Down Route Day and Time Itinerary Monday to Friday at New Asia College > United 5.05p.m. and 5.20p.m. College > University Admin, (two trips per day) Bldg. > CU Sports Centre > Saturday at 12.45p.m. University Train Station (one trip per day) Please direct all enquiries to the Transport Unit (Ext.7990), Closure of Canteens during Summer Several canteens on the campus will be closed during summer for annual maintenance. The closing and reopening dates of these canteens are as follows: Closing Re-opening New Asia College Yun Chi Hsien 1.7.92 1,8.92 Student Canteen 15.7.92 1.8.92 United College College Canteen & Staff 13.8.92 23.8.92 Common Room Shaw College Student & Staff Canteens 1.6.92 23.6.92 Benjamin Franklin Centre Canteen, Coffee Shop 1.7.92 15.7.92 Fast Food Shop 1.8.92 13.8.92 Postgraduate Hall Complex Canteen 1.6.92 1.8.92 University Swimming Pool News Between 16th June and 11th September 1992 the opening hours of the University Swimming Pool will be extended as follows: First session: 8.00 a.m. - 2.00 p.m. Second session: 2.30 - 7.15 p.m. Night session (Wednesday only): 8.00 -10.10 p.m. The pool is open seven days a week including public holidays. Admission tickets in sets of 12 are now sold at bargain price to students ($50 ), staff and adult dependents ($90 ), dependents under 18 ($50), alumni($90) and guests ($240) at the Office of Student Affairs, Room 108 , Benjamin Franklin Centre. General Arrangements for the Approach of Typhoons A circular on genera! arrangements for the approach of typhoons issued by the Information Office has been sent to various units as an attachment to the Weekly Events on 12th June. Those who have not received the circular or who want to obtain more copies please call the office at EXt.7295. Art Gallery Exhibition Letters of Prominent Figures in Modern China The Art Gallery and the University Press will jointly present an exhibition of ‘Letters of Prominent Figures in Modem China, at the Art Gallery from 1st July to 27th September. On display will be letters of 100 prominent figures such as Tang Tingshu, Zhang Yinhuan, Li Hong' zhang, Liang Qichao, Luo Zhengyu andWu Dacheng, etc. The exhibits are selected from the ‘Sheng Xuanhuai Archive' of the Art Gallery Collection. The exhibition is organized to promote a new publication of the University Press: Letters of Prominent Figures in Modern China. New Publication of the University Press • An Introduction to the Law of Torts (Chinese Edition), by John G. Fleming, translated by Betty Ho, 224 pages, paperback, HK$98. The book will be sold at a 20 per cent discount to staff members at the University Bookshop, John Fulton Centre. 10