Newsletter No. 31

University News 1
Hui Yeung Shing Building Formally Opened 1
Wei Lun Visiting Professor Talks about Imperfections 1
More Funds for Research on China's Economic Development 2
Intervarsity Debating Contest: CUHK vs. University of Macau 2
Services to the Community and International Organizations 2
Features 3
Four More Long Service Awardees Recount Their Experience 3
Personalia 4
Side Lights 6
Staff Team Captures Shell Cup 6
How You Can Help Reduce Wastage 6
Recreational & Sports Facilities on Campus 6
Announcements 9
Scholarships at the Harvard-Yenching Institute 9
Certificate Courses In Theology 9
Application for Research Grants 9
Dinner Party to Celebrate the 70th Birthday of Prof. Chen Ning Yang 9
Non-fee-charging Bus Service for Staff 10
Closure of Canteens during Summer 10
University Swimming Pool News 10
General Arrangements for the Approach of Typhoons 10
Art Gallery Exhibition 10
New Publication of the University Press 10