Newsletter No. 39

University News 1
30th Anniversary Lecture: Dementia, Aging and Amyloidosis 1
30th Anniversary Celebration Activities 1
International Conference on Cultural Criticism 1993 2
International Research Meeting on Chronic Fatigue and Neurasthenia 2
Wei Lun Lecture 2
Sir Run Run Shaw Distinguished Visiting Scholar 1993 3
Professorial Inaugural Lecture 3
Nasopharyngeal Cancer Research Foundation Established 3
HK$1.6 Million from Croucher Foundation for Medical Research 4
Shaw College Celebrate Founder's Day 4
Service to the Community and International Organizations 4
Announcements 5
Special Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor 5
Reassignment of Responsibilities of Pro-Vice-Chancellors 5
Dean of the Graduate School 5
Changes in Shuttle Light-bus Service Schedule 5
University Health Service 5
Tolo Lights 8
New Books 5
New Publications of the University Press 5
Records of the Grand Historian 8
Features 6
30th Anniversary Walkathon 6
Personalia 9