Newsletter No. 42

University News 1
International Meeting on Eye Surgery 1
30th Anniversary Celebration Activities 1
New Center to Foster Hong Kong-America Exchanges Opens on CUHK Campus 1
'Out to the World, Onto Your Desk' Campus Computer Applications Fair '93 2
Donations Totalling $70 Million Pledged for University Development 3
How to Face Challenges in Primary Education 3
Professorial Inaugural Lecture on IgA Nephropathy 3
Mathematician Describes the Shape of Liquid Surface under Zero Gravity 4
New Postgraduate and Undergraduate Programmes 4
New Publications of the University Press 4
Announcements 5
Council Membership 5
Professorial Inaugural Lectures 5
Applications for Research Grants 5
Staff Review—Non-teaching Staff Members on Terms of Service (A) (B) & (C) 5
Non-fee-charging Bus Service for Staff in Summer 5
United College Graduation Ceremony 5
Development Grant From CUWO 5
Features 6
The 30th Anniversary Exhibition 6
Personalia 8
Voices 9
Campus Network Applications Fair '93: An Informal Report 9
Service to the Community and International Organizations 10