Newsletter No. 43

University News 1
Another 30th Anniversary Lecture Presented by the Faculty of Business Administration 1
30th Anniversary Celebration Activities 1
How Local Youths Perceive Themselves 2
A New Committee to Allocate University Resources 2
Eminent Mathematician Returns to Teach at CUHK 2
Exhibition Agreement Signed between Art Gallery and Tokyo Fuji Art Museum 3
EMSD Acquires New Classrooms 3
Workshop on Women and Community Participation 3
Experts Discuss China's Regional Economic Development 4
Donation of HK$1 Million to Foster Acadmeic Links 4
Service to the Community and International Organizations 4
Personalia 5
Features 6
Campus Buildings: Who Mastermind Them? 6
To Use and Not to Use: Fair-faced Concrete 8
Announcements 9
When Rainstorm Black Warning Is Hoisted 9
General Arrangements for the Approach of Typhoons 9
APIB to Conduct Hotel Marketing Workshop 9
The Freemasons' Fund for East Asian Studies 9
UHS Offers Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation Course 9
Closure of Canteens during Summer 9
University Swimming Pool News 10
Secondary School Summer Sports Camp '93 10
Obituary 10
Announcing... 10