Newsletter No. 49

News 1
'93 Open Day 1
The Celestial Sphere That Fell to Earth 2
New Language Learning Centre Opens on Campus 2
Kwok Sports Building Formally Opened 3
International Conference on Moral and Civic Education 3
Staff Association 1993 AGM 3
Features 4
The Chinese University by Any Other Name Would Fare As Well? 4
New Books 6
New Publications of the University Press 6
New... 8
Service to the Community and International Organizations 6
Personalia 7
Announcements 9
Staffing Arrangements on Christmas and New Year's Eves 9
Library Hours during Christmas and New Year Holidays 9
Staff Bus Arrangements 9
Gifts? Bribery? 9
Staff Review of Non-teaching Staff Members on Terms of Service (B) & (C) 9
Reimbursement of Course Fees to Terms of Service (B) & (C) Staff 9
Mandarin and Cantonese Courses for Staff and Spouses 10
Academic Equipment Grants Committee 10
Committee on Water Sports Facilities 10
Revision of Dental Charges 10
Shaw College Activities 10
Chung Chi College Staff Club 10