Newsletter No. 50

News 1
47th Congregation for the Conferment of First and Higher Degrees 1
Hong Kong's Path of Democratization 1
World's Best Mathematicians Here to Tackle Fermat's Last Theorem 2
New Plans in Faculty of Engineering 2
Degree Programme in Primary Education to Be Introduced 2
New Centre to Promote Mushroom Biotechnology 2
Less Animal Protein, More Healthy 3
CUHK Helps Train Therapeutic Endoscopists 3
The First Institute of Family Medicine in Hong Kong 3
Conference on Chinese Social Stratification 4
Historical Archives of Pre-1949 Christian Higher Education in China 4
Talks on Meteorology and Environment 4
New Books 4
New Publications of HKIAPS 4
New Publications of the University Press 9
Side Lights 5
Art Treasures from Japan 5
The Chinese University Women's Organization: Who Are We? 5
Features 6
The Paths That Beguile 6
Personalia 10
Service to the Community and International Organizations 10
Announcements 11
Staffing Arrangements on Chinese New Year's Eve 11
BFC and JFC Closed during Chinese New Year Holidays 11
Library Hours during Chinese New Year Holidays 11
Committee Membership 11
Cultural Activities of CCC Staff Club 12
CUWO Guide to Local Living 12