Newsletter No. 54

CUHK NEWSLETTER A Report on 'Symposium o n Tertiary Art Education i n Mainland China , Taiwan and Hong Kong' The 'Symposiu m o n Tertiar y Ar t Education in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong', co-organized by the Department o f Fine Art s an d the Ar t Gallery, CUHK, was successfully held from 13th to 15t h April at the Cho Yiu Conference Hall . An integra l par t o f the 'Projec t o n Tertiary Ar t Education i n Mainlan d China, Taiwa n an d Hon g Kong', th e symposium aime d at examining the past, present and futur e development s o f tertiary art education in the three places. It was the first of its kind in th e regio n an d provide d a valuable opportunity for scholars and expert s i n th e tertiar y ar t circles t o exchang e idea s an d information. Participants came f r om major tertiary ar t institutes , includin g th e Central Institute of Fine Arts, Nanjing College o f Arts , Chin a Nationa l Academy o f Fine Arts, Sichua n Fin e Arts Institute, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts , th e Fin e Art s Departmen t of National Taiwan Normal University, the Fine Arts Department o f Chines e Culture University, the Department of Fine Art s o f the Universit y o f Hon g Kong, the Swir e Schoo l o f Design o f the Hon g Kong Polytechnic , an d th e Department o f Fin e Art s o f Th e Chinese Universit y of Hong Kong . On the first day, representatives from different institutes gav e report s to introduc e th e developmen t an d characteristics o f their institutes . O n the secon d day , som e 2 0 expert s presented paper s o n specia l areas , including historical development, the theory an d th e teachin g o f Chines e painting. Presentations on the third day dealt mainly with fundamental training and th e teachin g o f specialize d subjects. Individual presentation s wer e supplemented b y slid e show s an d followed by open discussions . A wide range of subjects were covered in three days but the majo r concern s seeme d to be the teaching of Chinese painting, fundamental training, and th e relationshi p between traditiona l techniques and creativity . Participants wer e not confine d to teacher s and student s o f th e various ar t institutes . Scholars fro m Tokyo , representatives o f th e Education Department and the Hon g Kon g Museum o f Art, an d many artist s an d ar t educator s als o participated i n the function. All hoped that simila r symposium s o n specialized topics would continue to be held in th e futur e t o promot e th e development of tertiary art education in the three areas . by Harold Mok Department of Fine Arts CUHK NEWSLETTER We welcome your contribution s 1. Items for the next issue (mid-June 1994) should reach the Editor by 26th May 1994. 2. All contributions and suggestions should be sent to the Editor, CUHK Newsletter, c/o the Publication Office, University Secretariat, The Chinese University ofHong Kong (tel. 6097297; fax. 6035503), 3. Contributions should bear the writer's name and contact telephone number, and may be published under pseudonyms. Articles without Chinese translations will appear in the English version of the Newsletter only. No anonymous letters will be published. 4. The Editor reserves the right to reject contributions and to edit all articlesfor reasons ofclarity, length or grammar. Those who do not wish to have their articles amended should indicate clearly in writing. 5. No part of this Newsletter may be reproduced without the written consent of the Editor. 6. This publication has a circulation of 1,600 and is primarily intendedfor staffmembers of CUHK. Copies are also sent to local educational institutions and individuals associated with the University. Those who wish to be included on the mailing list please contact the Newsletter direct. Published by the Publication Office, The Chinese University ofHong Kong Editor: Amy K. Y. Leung Assistant Editors : Lawrence Choi; Florence Chan Graphic Artist: Stella P. C. Lai NO.54MAY 1994 12