Newsletter No. 54

News 1
Academic Dishonesty Won't Be Tolerated 1
Durham University Honours Prof. Charles Kao 1
'Department' to Become the Basic Academic Unit 1
University to Award First DSc Degree 2
New Hope for Infertile Men to Become Fathers 2
A World-class Endoscopy Centre 3
New Postgraduate and Certificate Programmes 3
APIB Helps Train American Business Executives 3
Announcements 4
Congregation to Adopt New Format 4
Staff Review—Non-teaching Staff Members on Terms of Service (A), (B) & (C) 4
Applications for RGC Research Grants 4
New Medical Department Renamed 4
Non-fee-charging Bus Service for Staff in Summer 4
Wei Lun Lecture 4
Chung Chi Graduation Ceremony 5
Conference on Chinese Psychology 5
IMS Management Board 5
Service to the Community and International Organizations 5
Features 6
The Story of the University Swimming Pool 6
New Publications 9
The Chinese University Press 9
Art Gallery 9
Personalia 10
Side Lights 11
Humanities Fun Day 1994 11
A Report on 'Symposium on Tertiary Art Education in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong' 12