Newsletter No. 61

C U H K NEWSLETTER From the Editor Mixed Response to Questionnaire The results of the October survey on the format and contents of the CUHK Newsletter are out and can be found on page 12 of this issue. A heartfelt 'thank you' to all of you who squeezed time from your busy schedules to fill out our questionnaire. There were altogether 21 2 respondents to our questionnaire, which make up about six per cent of the University's staff population. Readers' views were many and varied. There were criticisms interspersed with words of praise and encouragement. While it is gratifying to receive compliments we also feel obligated to improve along the lines of the criticisms. Our proposals for improvement are outlined on page 14. Please note, however, that although 97 per cent of our respondents prefer the present size of the newsletter and 64 per cent find the monthly frequency appropriate, we will advance our plan of publishing the newsletter in the size of a tabloid on a fortnightly basis, starting from the next issue. In so doing we don't mean to trespass against expressed sentiments; we simply want to take this opportunity to try out new ideas. We have set for ourselves a trial period of six months, during which we hope you will continue to give us feedback. I f the response is favourable, we will keep the format; if not we will return to our present one. We need your help and vigilance in monitoring the content and quality of the newspaper. Watch out for the next issue which will appear in a new format on 4th January 1995. Meantime have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! IN SEARCH OF ANEWVICE-CHANCELLOR The Un i ve r s i t y Counc il has decided to establish a committee to help search a successor to Prof. Charles K. Kao, who wil l retire from the vice-chancellorship of the University on 31st July 1996. The Search Committee to be chaired by the chairman of the Council w i l l consist of six other members nominated by the Council and the Senate from among their number. Membership will be announced in due course. The Search Committee has been requested by the Council to consult widely teachers and other staff members, students and alumni of the University in their search for the next vice-chancellor. A proposal to amend the University statute to admit three students to this seven-person committee was not accepted by the Council. COUNCIL News Life Member • Sir Quo-wei Lee, CBE, JP, has been appointed a Life Member of the University Council from 30th November 1994 in recognition of his distinguished service to the University for over three decades. Sir Quo-wei's long association with the University began in the early sixties when he became the founding treasurer of the University, a post he held for 19 years until 1982. He has since served as chairman of the University Council. Sir Quo-wei is very supportive of the University's new academic initiatives; he has made remarkable contributions towards launching, inter alia, the Three- year M B A Programme, the Development Programme for Teaching Material in Chinese, the Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology Ltd., and The Chinese University of Hong Kong Foundation Ltd. He has also given substantial financial support towards the University's academic and development programmes, including the establishment of the Wei Lun Visiting Professorship/Fellowship Scheme, the construction of Lee Shu-Pui Hall, and the provision of scholarship funds. An eminent banker, Sir Quo-wei is chairman of Hang Seng Bank and has a distinguished record of public service. His contributions are well recognized both in NEW HOME BASE FOR THE SOCIAL SCIENCES The Sino Building on the Chung Chi campus was officially opened by the Deputy to the Governor, Mrs. Anson Chan, on 19th November. The pinkish nine-storey teaching block has a floor area of 5,000 square metres and houses the Chung Chi College Office, the Centre for Environmental Studies, and two social science departments: psychology and sociology. It provides up-to-dat e teaching and research facilities such as lecture theatres and laboratories for the social sciences. The building is named in honour of the Sino Group which donated HK$20 million to the University last year in support of researc h and development projects. NO.61 DECEMBER 1 994 2