Newsletter No. 61

News 1
2,807 Degrees Conferred at the 48th Congregation 1
In Search of a New Vice-Chancellor 2
Council News 2
Life Member 2
New Council Members 3
New Home Base for the Social Sciences 2
Nature Versus Nurture in Child Development 3
Wei Lun Lectures by Analytical Marxist 4
Chinese and American Experiences of Violence against Women 4
Civil Service Careers Exhibition 5
United College Celebrates 38th Anniversary 5
CUHK Card Now Open to Staff 5
From the Editor: Mixed Response to Questionnaire 2
Features 6
The Golden Threads That Bind: Prof. Rance P.L. Lee on the past, present and future of Chung Chi College 6
Service to the Community and International Organizations 9
Announcements 10
Gifts? Bribery? 10
Staffing Arrangements on Christmas and New Year's Eves 10
Staff Bus Arrangements 10
Staff Review of Non-teaching Staff Members on Terms of Service (B) & (C) 10
Reimbursement of Course Fees 10
Research Grant Application: Social Science and Education 11
Mandarin and Cantonese Courses for Staff & Spouses 11
Professorial Inaugural Lecture 11
Greeting Cards for the Year of the Pig 11
Chung Chi College Staff Club 1994–95 Executive Committee 11
UPGC Renamed 11
Obituary 11
Survey on the CUHK Newsletter 12
Personalia 15
New Publications of the University Press 16