Newsletter No. 67

2 No. 67 4th April 1995 CUHK Newsletter A nOpe n Lette r from th eCouncilChairma n Dear Colleagues, With the enactment of the Occupational Retirement Schemes Ordinance (ORSO ), all retirement fund schemes are required to register under ORSO and make up any scheme shortfall within a specified period. The Staff Superannuation Scheme of the University has experienced a shortfall between its aggregate assets and aggregate liabilities, and would not have been able to meet the ORSO requirements for registration. The University and its staff expressed deep concern over this issue during the past several months. After a series of consultations with representatives of the Teachers' Association and the Staff Association, the Council held several meetings on matters relating to the Staff Superannuation Scheme. Finally an agreement was reached and the University sought the approval of all the Scheme members on the proposed Scheme changes. Some 92 per cent of the approval forms returned (representing 78 per cent of all the Scheme members) have given approval for the Staff Superannuation Scheme to be modified to a self-sufficient basis with effect from 1st April 1995. The University's Staff Superannuation Scheme will hence be registrable under ORSO. The University has agreed to make up any shortfall in the Scheme up to 31st March 1995 and to provide compensation in respect of the benefits during the ensuing six months. The University Council is pleased that this matter which concerns the benefit of the staff members has been solved in a rational and admirable manner. During the consultation period, all the staff members have demonstrated that they have the common good of the University in mind. With good understanding and cooperation, they have taken into careful consideration the wellbeing of the University. This truly honourable gesture will be long remembered in the history of the University. On behalf of the University Council, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Teachers' Association, the Staff Association, Prof. Ambrose King and other members of the Administrative and Planning Committee Task Force on the Staff Superannuation Scheme, and the three Trustees for their remarkable contributions with regard to this matter. Furthermore, the Council is also deeply grateful to those staff members who have toiled day and night to put together a package for consultation with the Scheme members. This letter is written not only to express our sincere appreciation to all parties concerned, but also to bear witness to this important event in the history of the University. The successful resolution of this issue is a vivid demonstration of the united spirit of the Council and the staff in pursuing the common good of the University, and sets an excellent example for the future. As it would take many years for the scheme shortfall to be fully funded, we beg to have the kind support and understanding of our successors. Yours sincerely, Q.W.Lee Chairman of the Council 28th March 1995 CUHK Hosts Symposium on Chemistry Research Attended by over 360 graduate students, research associates, and chemistry teachers from the six local universities, the second symposium on chemistry research in Hong Kong took place on 11th March on the CUHK campus. The six universities take turns to host the annual function to provide a forum for the exchange o f views among research chemists and to encourage research collaboration. This year, the symposium featured the presentation o f 157 posters by graduate students and the delivery o f six oral presentations b y student representatives. Seminar on Cross-border Cr ime and C r i me Con t r ol Strategies Jointly organized by Chung Chi College and the Faculty of Social Sciences of Lingnan College, a seminar on 'Cross- border Crime and Crime Control Strategies' took place on 7th March in the headquarters of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. Sponsors included the Society for the Rehabilitation o f Offenders and the Association for Comparative Studies of Crime in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Opening addresses were delivered by Prof. Rance Lee, head of Chung Chi College, and Dr. John Chen, president of Lingnan College. Dr. Cheung Yuet-wah of the Department of Sociology also gave a talk on 'Social Change and Crime in Hong Kong' . The function was attended by scholars from China, Macao and Hong Kong. RGC Conference Grants for Three Projects The University was recently awarded HK$ 100,000 by the Research Grants Council (RGC) to organize three conferences/seminars for postgraduate students. They are: Amount of Grant 1. 'Geoinformatics '95, Hong Kong: RS, GIS and GPS in $32,800 Sustainable Development and Environmental Monitoring' 2. 'Winter School on Iterative Methods in Scientific $34,600 Computing and Their Applications' 3. 'Application of Novel Polymerase Chain Reaction DNA/ $32,600 RNA Finger-printing Technology in Biological and Medical Research' The grants are intended to cover the actual costs of inviting eminent scholars from overseas to attend and speak at the three conferences/seminars. Round The CU Walkathon Sunday, 26th March 1995 Over 3,000 enthusiasts, including the alumni community, teaching and administrative staff and students of the University, as well as members of the public, took part in a walkathon to raise funds for the CUHK Music Department, the Children's Cancer Foundation, and the Community Chest. Members of the officiating party: From left: Mr. Lee Kam Chung (CUHK Convocation), Prof. Arthur Li (Faculty of Medicine), Prof. Charles K. Kao (Vice-Chancellor), Mr. Lawrence K. K. Yu (Community Chest), Mr. Charles Wang (CUHK Convocation), Mr. Tom Surrency (Classic Car Club) Kindergarteners in the procession At the starting point Some of the vintage cars on display