Newsletter No. 68

News 1
A Profile of New Students 1994 1
Donation of Books by Australian Consul General 1
Art Historian Portrays Poetic Painting in China and Japan 1
Budding Scholars from Tsing Hua Visit United College 1
Beware of Theft! 2
Comments from Senior Administration 2
Plans to Improve the Library System 2
Features 2
I Have Been One Acquainted with the Night 2
How to Patch Up a Bugging Problem 3
New Boks 4
New Publications of the University Press 4
Manual of the Hong Kong Securities Industry (Second Edition) 4
Service to the Community and International Organizations 4
Announcements 5
Mandarin and Cantonese Courses for Staff and Spouses 5
New Safety Regulation for Electrical Products 5
Personalia 5