Newsletter No. 72

News 1
Fritz Dominates Chess Programs and Computer Checkmates Humans 1
Industrial Forum on Information Technology 1
Joint Venture to Provide an Educational Information Superhighway 1
International Symposium on Hypertrophic Scars 2
Two First MFA Graduates Exhibit their Artistic Achievements 2
Comment from Senior Administration 2
An Update on the New Funding Model 2
Features 3
The Colourful Technical Services Unit 3
New from the University Press 3
Service to the Community and International Organizations 3
Personalia 4
Announcements 5
New Dean of Social Science 5
General Arrangements for the Approach of Typhoons and Rainstorms 5
Task Force on Teaching and Learning Quality 5
Establishment of CSC and ITSU 5
The Intellectual Property Committee 5
The Patent Committee 5
New Departure Time for Homeward-bound Staff Buses 5
New Traffic Control Measures on Campus 5
Shuttle Light Bus to make Hourly Stops at Health Centre 5
Sale of Used Scooter 5