Newsletter No. 73

News 1
University to Honour Former Governor, Historian, and Two Entrepreneurs at 50th Congregation 1
The Quest for Longevity 1
CU Staff and Students Win Laurels 1
Inauguration of the Asian Association of Social Psychology 1
HK$1,200,000 Raised in Round-the-CU Walkathon 2
Academic Events in Summer 2
Chinese Ceramics and Bronzes on Display at Art Museum 2
Comments from Senior Administration 2
A New Academic Year 2
New Books 3
Service to the Community and International Organizations 3
Letter to the Editor 3
New Department Heads 4
Four New Department Heads Speak Their Minds 4
Announcements 5
The Language Fund Invites 1995 Second-round Applications 5
Staff Development Grants/Programmes 1996–97 5
Student Campus Work Scheme 1995–96 5
Wei Lun Visiting Professor to Give Lecture 5
Art Gallery Renamed Art Museum 5
University Library System Opening Hours 5
University Swimming Pool News 5
Personalia 6