Newsletter No. 75

News 1
Two Wei Lun Lectures 1
'IT' Shows How It Works 1
HK$5 Million Contract for CU Press 1
Art Museum Collections on Display in Osaka 1
Service to the Community and International Organizations 1
Comments from Senior Administration 2
Staff Superannuation Scheme: Have We Done Right? 2
Features 2
New Social Science Dean and Her Gender-free Agenda 2
New Feathers in the ULS Cap: Library Services at the University Further Enhanced 3
Varsity Online with Graphics and Photos 3
Announcement 4
Professorial Appointment 4
A Pharmaceutical Approach to Matters of the Heart 4
Local Education Allowance 4
Air Passage Rates Revised 4
Services of Price Waterhouse Engaged for Internal Audit 4
Obituary 4
New Publications 4
Personalia 5