Newsletter No. 76

News 1
New Pro-Vice Chancellor Appointed 1
Orientation Day for Sixth-formers 1
Li and Fung Lecture on the Asian Challenge 1
New Treatment Methods for Intractable Seizure and Leukaemia 1
Centralization vs Regionalism in China and Europe 2
To Promote Research in BA Faculty 2
First Batch of Home-grown Cancer Nurses 2
Comments from Senior Administration 2
Coping with Success: The First-year Experience 2
Features 3
Towards Multimedia Teaching: Introducing Two More Projects Funded by Teaching Development Grants 3
What We're All about 4
New Publications of the Chinese University Press 4
Announcements 5
Administrative Structure of the University 5
New Academic Titles Scheme 5
Swimming Pool News 5
Art Museum Exhibitions 5
Personalia 6